Good Luck to Antun!

On Thursday 6th September 2012, Antun Pasalic embarked on his novitiate year with the Salesians.

Antun is a native of Croatia, but has lived and worked in Ireland for over ten years. He lived in Tipperary and worked in the Monastery in Roscrea since moving to Ireland. Last year however, he decided to answer God’s call and follow his vocation by joining the Salesians. In September of 2011 Antun began his pre- novitiate in the Salesian House in Celbridge. In this year he was introduced to the Salesian way of life, their history and also studied theology.

In June, Antun travelled to Italy to study Italian, the language of the novitiate. After completing this course he visited his parents in Croatia before travelling to Ireland to make final preparations before joining the novitiate in Turin, Italy.

The novitiate is one year in duration. This is a year of intense training to be a Salesian, with a strong emphasis on community life and the study of Salesian history. If one completes this year successfully, which we pray Antun will, one proceeds to make his first profession in which temporary vows are taken.

We wish Antun the best of luck for the coming year and hope to see him happy and healthy in twelve months.