Happy feast day of Don Bosco – 31st January

Days, dates, months, years can be significant in our lifes for different reasons.

January 31st the last day of the month is one of those significant dates for all who share the Salesian spirit. What is that spirit? It is simply – gift. So many of you have and are that gift even though you may not be aware that you have it. The core of that spirit is a genuine love, belief, interest, and concern for young people especially the poorest, whether that is material, physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual poverty. For don Bosco that was the only criteria to be part of his family and his project

“It is enough for you to be young for me to love and be genuinely interested in your wellbeing. Your happiness is all I desire.” Don Bosco

Does that resonate or connect with you as a young person interested in your peers, as parent/grandparent concerned and wanting best for your son or daughter or grandchildren, an educator/youth worker who accompanies and mentors a pupil or student?

If so then today is your feast.

Today, January 31st is the feast of don Bosco. He is known as the father and teacher of the young. His childhood experience formed in him a heart for the young. He became and continues to be for us today in our culture, society and church a model, an icon of God’s love, care, concern, and interest in all young people. Don Bosco made God’s dream for young people come true.

You and I and so many all over the world are part of that project of making dreams come true in a variety of different ways.

So join the celebration as we remember him today. It doesn’t matter what your chronological age is. All you need is a heart for the young and you are part of a worldwide family.

From the web you are aware that the pilgrimage of his relics throughout Ireland is fast approaching. In less that a month he will be among us as he makes a pilgrimage of blessing to us. The preparation expectation excitement is almost palpable now.

Very soon the long awaited day will be here. Don Bosco, this man of fire, will ignite a new flame for our time and set the world of the young ablaze with meaning, with joy, with hope, with possibility. Be a part of it. Come to one of the venues. Receive his blessing and share his dream.

Hope to see you there. All you need to bring is a young heart!

Fr Michael Casey, SDB