St. Catherine’s Annual Pool Tournament

Every year students involved with the Salesian community organise and hold a large pool tournament in the common room of St. Catherine’s Salesian House on Maynooth Campus. 32 Students from many different walks of life, backgrounds and countries come together for a great competition, adding to the feel-good factor around college and forging many new friendships and memories along the way.

The fourth of April played host to the final of the tournament and the sheer magnitude of the event was expressed by the large crowd and efforts made by all involved. Battling their way through four knockout matches, two finalists emerged, Podge Kinsella and Stephen Ruth. The crowds were made up of people who are regularly involved with the Salesian house, often visiting for coffee, tea, chats and for the odd game of pool as the tournament would prove. A packed common room watched on as the two battled it out, even with such a crowd, silence and respect for the players was shown at all times. Stephen Ruth emerged victorious, but there was no bitterness and Podge was simply happy that he got that far, and that the event he and his friends organised went so well.

These events, run for the students and by the students, have always proved successful in bringing people together and fostering a sense of community. The Salesian house in Maynooth has often and will continue to host such events in the future. We have the seen the power of giving the students a platform to express their interests and have successfully strived to encourage and motivate such initiatives. It’s one of the greater ways to forge a unique sense of community and belonging where everybody feels involved and nobody is left out. The unanimous opinion of the students involved was that the event and others like it have added a positive layer to their college experience and a unique sense of kinship in a warm and welcoming environment.

Report by: Mal Callan and Dan McCormack