Social Communication Meeting in Rome

A meeting for the provincial delegates for social communications took place at the Pisana in Rome from Thursday 9th May until Sunday 12th May 2013.

The meeting started with a presentation from each of the participants who were representing 22 Salesian Provinces. This was followed by a short presentation from Fr Filiberto, the Congregation’s Councillor for social communications.

The meeting was divided in two parts. The first concentrated on the formation of the delegates and it consisted of four topics on Social Communication. The first theme: Credible and fruitful Salesians: an ongoing challenge, was delivered by Fabio Pasqualetti, professor of Social Communication in UPS. On the second day three more topics were presented: Social Networks and Salesian Assistance, seen from the point of view of the Preventive System, by Javier Valiente; Marketing and Salesian Ministry: importance, possibilities and risks, by Mariano Diotto; A paradoxical approach to new media! by Jacques Rey.

A very important message raised and reflected upon during these few days was not to be afraid of being present among young people, not only in the physical world, but also in the virtual and technological world. It is very important for young people to have a Salesian presence in this new reality which is responsible, open, listening and able to communicate with them.

The second part of the meeting was focused on a revision of the work during the last few years and revising the materials and proposals for the next General Chapter (2014). At the end of the session we had a very pleasant social evening, during which we shared in a relaxed and happy atmosphere our thoughts and experiences. The last day, Sunday 12th May, we had the opportunity to be present at a canonisation ceremony in the Vatican. After that we participated in the Regina Ceali in St Peter’s Square and then parted and returned to our respective provinces.