After several weeks of ideas and opinions being shared, the residents and friends of St. Catherine’s in Maynooth gathered to discuss the possibility of establishing a society which had the potential to appeal to a broader spectrum of NUIM’s student body. The result was the NUIM BOSCO society.

boscosociety0Our collective vision as a society is to build a solid foundation of welcoming and belonging that will serve all students, past, present and future at Maynooth as well as becoming a primary outlet in aiding the empowerment of young people. At its core, the NUIM BOSCO society is an organisation created by students for students and operates as an inclusive body providing a sense of belonging within what can be a stressful university environment and offers a platform for reflection, self-discovery and for building friendship and mutual support. It does so through its five core principles of Belonging, Openness, Solidarity, Community and Opportunity.

Wednesday October 2nd saw the NUIM Clubs and Societies fairs day and the first outing for the newly created BOSCO society. A tremendous amount of work and commitment on the part of the BOSCO society saw us exceed our expectations with well over 160 signatures. We intend to build on this success immediately by beginning our eventful calendar of activities within the coming days and weeks.

Colm Egan

Facebook: NUIM BOSCO Society