GC27: Study of the Rector Major’s Report

Friday 7 March  was devoted entirely to a Chapter debate on the work done by the commissions in response to the Rector Major’s Report.

The Rapporteur of each commission presented the results of their work. The Chapter members had already had a chance to read their reports on the internal web pages of the General Chapter.

08-03-2014-GC27-Study of RMReportThe Chapter members expressed their thanks for the reports, saying that they provide a concrete and realistic vision. They also expressed the hope that  some lines of action would emerge to make it easier for the entire Congregation to receive the message.

There were numerous interventions in the Assembly on a great number of topics. Many of them focused on the identity of the consecrated Salesian who is a missionary present among the young and, at one and the same time, ever more desirous to live poor among the poor.

Others touched on prayer and spirituality, and on formation and the present formative process. There were references also to the culture of vocation and the vocation of the Salesian Brother, the themes of community, collaboration and co-responsibility with the laity. Finally,  many of the Chapter members wanted to address our management model, organization, project planning and financial administration.

The interventions in the assembly served to integrate the work of the Commissions. All this material was examined by a drafting group composed for the occasion. The group consisted of three Provincials – Fr Lanfranco Fedrigotti from China, Fr Orestes Fistarol from Porto Alegre in Brazil and Fr Giuseppe Ruta from Sicily.

In their summary the observations were grouped under four headings: personal and communal conversion, formation, mission, and animation and government . Among the interventions there was substantial convergence because they did not come from a desk but from real life, as indeed the Councillors had said in their presentations on the first day.

The Rector Major congratulated the commissions. He said that a change of mindset requires a long time: “We need to match the pace of the congregation. General Chapters start processes and it is the responsibility of all to enter those processes.”

Among these processes, the Rector Major emphasized that of conversion which is highlighted also in Evangelii gaudium. Personal and pastoral conversion are part of the programme of the whole Church and must make a strong impact on the mission of every Salesian.

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