Visit of Fr Guillermo Basañes, S.D.B.

Last weekend, 2-4 January 2015, we had an honour of welcoming to Ireland Fr Guillermo Basañes, S.D.B., who is Councillor for the Missions of the Salesians of Don Bosco. Although the visit was unexpected, it was truly a very joyful one.

During his short visit, Fr Guillermo met with different people and spent time with the confreres of the Salesian community in Maynooth.

GuillermoBasanes_P1020073webSaturday was a day of meetings. In the morning, Fr Guillermo met with some members of the Irish Provincial Council. After that meeting, he and the Council members joined the Maynooth community for lunch which coincidentally turned out to be a birthday celebration for Fr John Butler, S.D.B.

Straight after lunch, Fr Guillermo continued with his working visit meeting four Salesian confreres, who are in Ireland as part of Project Europe, so as to find out something more about each of them and the work which they do.

The evening was dedicated to an experiencing of Irish culture.

We are very happy with Fr Guillermo’s visit, short and all that it was, and we wish him every blessing on the task and journey, which he started only few months ago, as Councillor for the Missions.

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