Earthquake again

“An earthquake again rocked Nepal today, measuring 7.4 in the Richter scale leaving us in shock and panic”, reported the Salesian missionaries working in Kathmandu. However, no damage to our properties, personnel or Salesians have been reported so far. The same was communicated by another group of Salesian missionaries from Biratnagar, southeast of Nepal. Though warned of a more powerful quake than the previous one, no injuries or damages were reported even from Biratnagar.

This second earthquake has hit again two of the places, Dolahka and Sindhupalchok, which were already affected by the previous one, on the 25th April. “It was already a difficult situation and now we need to do our best to help the people who are suffering”, said the Salesians in the country.

Repair works, food, water and medicine are the fundamental needs and the Salesians are focusing on how to reach out to great number of affected persons.

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Yesterday, 11th May, teachers, alumni and students of NEPAL DON BOSCO SCHOOL went to Shankapur Nagarpalikka Ward No. 15 Inderni, to make a difference in the lives of some of the families. It was not a mere show of pomp about our relief work but it was more being with the people affected by the disastrous Earthquake” explained Salesians Fathers in Kathmandu.

“The things we gave to the people did not come from any organization, friends or foreign funds but it was the sacrifice made by our Teachers, alumni and students. They gave up something of theirs, like money that would have been spent on snacks and confectionaries, movie, meals, parties, ice creams – small but personal contribution. Each student sacrificed something or the other for the people. We did things in a Bosconian Way”.

“We not only gave things but our teachers and students sat with them and listened to their agony and difficulties in spite of being victims themselves of the Earthquake. They interacted with the youth, children and also the elders of the village. We could see tears in the eyes of the old ladies as they narrated their plights. The victims were touched by the sacrifice and generosity of the NDBS staff, alumni and students that they reciprocated by offering drinks and snacks to the students. Some elderly people commented to the village youngsters saying, ‘Look, how these students are concerned about us and how Nepal Don Bosco School is moving around, does your school and students do so?’”

Salesian Mission Office in Ireland

If you would like to help and make a donation for Nepal please forward your cheque or postal order with description “FOR NEPAL” to:

Fr Dan Devitt SDB
Salesian Missions,
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First published by InfoANS