Feast of Saint Dominic Savio

Promise of holiness

Dominic was born on April 2, 1842, in San Giovanni di Riva, near Chieri (Turin).

On the occasion of his First Communion, at the age of seven, he set out his life’s programme: “I will go to Confession frequently and Communion as often as my confessor allows.

I want to make Sundays and feast days holy. My friends will be Jesus and Mary. Death but not sin”. At twelve, Don Bosco accepted him into the Oratory in Turin and Dominic asked his help in order to “become a saint”. Gentle, serene and happy, he put great effort into fulfilling his duties as a student and helping his companions in every way he could, teaching them Catechism, assisting the sick and settling quarrels.

Road to holiness

One day he said to a companion, who had just arrived in the Oratory: “You should know that here we make holiness consist in being always cheerful. We just try to avoid sin, which is the great enemy that robs us of the grace of God and peace of heart, and we try to to fulfil our duties exactly.” He was very faithful to his programme of work, sustained by intense participation in sacramental life, by a filial devotion to Mary and by joyful sacrifice. God enriched him with many special gifts.

Love for Mary

On December 8, 1854, when Pius IX proclaimed the dogma of the Immaculate Conception, Dominic consecrated himself to Mary and began to advance rapidly in holiness. In 1856, he founded the Immaculate Conception Sodality among his friends. This was a group dedicated to apostolic action and peer ministry.

Love for the Eucharist
Mamma Margaret, who had come to Turin to help her priest son, one day said to him: “You have many good boys, but no one surpasses the beauty of heart and soul of Dominic Savio”. And she explained: “I see him always praying, even remaining in Church after the others; every day he leaves recreation to visit the Blessed Sacrament; when he is in Church, he is like an angel in Heaven”. He died in Moriondo on March 9, 1857. His remains are in the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians in Turin. His feast is celebrated on May 6. Pope Pius XI defined him as “A little, or rather, a great giant of the Spirit”. He is patron of young choir singers.

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Prayers to Saint Dominic Savio

1. Dear Saint Dominic, you spent your short life totally for love of Jesus and His Mother. Help youth today to realize the importance of God in their lives. You became a saint through fervent participation in the sacraments, enlighten parents and children to the importance of frequent confession and Holy Communion. At a young age you meditated on the sorrowful Passion of Our Lord. Obtain for us the grace of a fervent desire to suffer for love of Him.

We desperately need your intercession to protect today’s children from the snares of the world. Watch over them and lead them on the narrow road to Heaven. Ask God to give us the grace to sanctify our daily duties by performing them perfectly out of love for Him. Remind us of the necessity of practicing virtue especially in times of trial.

Saint Dominic Savio, you who preserved your Baptismal innocence of heart, pray for us.

2. O Saint Dominic Savio, model of purity, piety, penance and apostolic zeal for youth; grant that, through your intercession, we may service God in our ordinary duties with fervent devotion, and attain the grace of holy joy on earth, that we may one day love God forever in Heaven.


3. Prayer of Expectant Mothers

Lord Jesus, I bring to you with love the sweet hope that I carry within my womb. You have given me the gift of this tiny living being within me. I thank you for choosing me as your instrument of love. As I wait in expectation, help me to surrender myself joyfully to your will. make my heart pure, strong and generous. To you I offer my preoccupation about what is to come, along with my fears, anxieties and expectations about the little creature which I do not as yet know fully. Grant that the baby may be born healthy. Keep every bodily illness away from my baby and above all preserve it from all spiritual harm.

O Mary, you who experienced the ineffable joys of a holy motherhood, obtain for me a heart capable of transmitting a life of ardent and living faith. Sanctify my expectation, bless my joy-filled hope so that the fruit of my womb may grow in virtue and holiness with your prayers and the grace of your son. 

4. Great model for God-loving boys and cherished pupil of the famous Don Bosco, you died prematurely, humanly speaking, but you had already attained mature spiritual wisdom. Your kindness won you many friends, but your love above all sought the Master who is present in our tabernacles. His praises you eucharistically sang. Make choir boys be singers like you, for the love of Jesus, our most loving Master. Amen.