Provincial Chapter – Ireland & Malta

Over the past couple of weeks the Salesians of Don Bosco of the Irish Province (Ireland and Malta) gathered to reflect upon the last number of years and to discuss and formulate a plan going forward as a Provincial Chapter. The Chapter  was preceded by the annual retreat of the Irish part of the Province and the Maltese delegates of the Chapter were invited to attend this retreat also. Fr Jack Finnegan gave the retreat with a focus on the call to be mystics, prophets and servants. Deep prayer and reflection on this topic during the retreat was great preparation for the commencement of the Chapter. The Chapter focused on the direction of the Province going forward in light of GC27 and the call to be mystics, prophets and servants. There are not just the realities of today to contend with but the realities of tomorrow to consider and the Chapter has created a framework to face up to these realities. The Chapter concluded with a sense of relief that the necessary plan had been put into place but also a sense of renewed invigoration that there is a tangible way forward in serving the young most in need as mystics, prophets and servants of Our Lord through the spirit of Don Bosco.


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