ARK Bosco Holiday Camp 2016

ARK_Bosco_Camp_14ARK Bosco Holiday Camp held in Rutland National School has come to a successful conclusion with an outing to Dublin Zoo. On arrival, the children followed the trail which led to the different animal stalls, wearing their beautiful T-shirts which they had been given for the occasion. They saw the monkeys, the tigers, the seals and the flamingos. But the most exciting was to see the large elephants and their young ones as they were being fed. The children were joined by their animators as well as some of their mothers.

Noah’s Ark, the theme chosen for this four-day camp, is quite a popular theme with children. The Ark is a reassuring symbol of safety amidst life’s dangers and uncertainties.

Twenty-one children had been attending the camp since the beginning of the week. Each morning they started with an assembly in which they sang songs and said a prayer to start the day. This was followed by group activities with their teachers and animators; these  included, cooking, painting, gardening and arts & crafts. The children even researched on the computer about their favourite animal.

ARK_Bosco_Camp_01aThe afternoon was then animated with sporting & fun activities and games, well animated by our young Salesian Brothers; each group even had to build their own Ark!

ARK Bosco Holiday Camp was run on the Salesian Spirit based on Reason, Religion and Kindness, and it provided a safe environment for the children where they could express their talents and creativity, as well as make new friends. We hope there will be more such camps.