Letter to Salesian Past Pupils

pastpupilslogoDear past pupils from Europe,

On behalf of the World Presidency, we forward you the monthly report of August that World Presidency will send you every month to all National Federations in the four regions of our Associations.

We would like to remind you the European meeting of Presidents, Delegates and Gex representatives (that will be organised every year) in October is coming.

  • Date of the meeting: from 13th (Thursday) to 16th October (Sunday)
  • Place: Munich (Germany).

We would like to underline the fact that delegations of the Federations should be composed from Presidents, Delegates and any Gex representatives.

So enjoy the summer and looking forward to see you in Munich;

Yours in Don Bosco

Fernando Nunez – Councillor for Europe

 World Confederation Presidency Monthly Report 

August 2016

 To: Regional Councillors, Provincials, National Presidents and Delegates, members of committees, councils and local unions,

Dear Past Pupils and Friends of Don Bosco,

I am writing another Monthly Report (for the month of August) to keep you up to date with what is happening in our World Confederation.

As mentioned in the previous Monthly report (that you received from your Regional Council-lor but you can find it also on our Facebook page) – this letter is to start a new practice with the aim to keep you better informed about what is happening on the World Confederation level. The purpose is to improve our communication with you and hopefully be of a better service as much as possible.

So, what is going on in the World Confederation?

I’m happy to inform you that we have finally translated our webpage in 5 languages. We started to repair linguistic bugs, please read and feel free to comment on what is wrong and suggest any corrections. Regarding the webpage, we are now working on the 2nd phase of its development (see the points in the previous monthly report).

Regarding communication, you received through your email the new Exallievi Newsflash! We are aware that there are some initial weaknesses, but we are committed to make any improvements that are necessary. Together with that, we sent you, once again, the calls for translators and call for Newsflash editor, as we are still in search of the right persons.

However, all news and information is shared in our FB page World Confederation of the Past Pupils of Don Bosco. 

We are growing as a World Confederation!

In Myanmar, there is a new National Federation, there was the meeting with Don Vaclav Klement, the Regional SDB, he presented and introduced the World Confederation to the local Past Pupils.

Also in Czech Republic (Central Europe) the discussion about forming the Past Pupils Nation-al Federation has started. Very happy about it.

In August we had two important birthdays; 16th of August, we celebrated the birthday of Don Bosco and 21st of August, we celebrated the birthday of Rector Mayor Don Artime. (We sent him a greeting letter that you can find in our FB web page);

We are praying for the Past Pupils in Italy where there was a terrible earthquake. Please add to your prayers.

I will conclude with the calendar to remind you of the upcoming activities:

  •  In month of September there will be the meeting of Giunta in Rome to continue the improvement of our Confederation (Giunta takes place four times a year).
  •  From 4th to 8th of October, we will have the Regional Congress of Asia Oceania – in East Timor.
  •  From 13th to 16th of October, there is a European meeting in Munich, Germany.
  •  From 29th October to 1st of November, there is a Latin American meeting of Presi-dents and Delegates in San Paolo in Brazil.
  •  From 24th to 27th of November, there is African meeting of Past Pupils and Delegates from Southern provinces in Zambia (Lusaka)

I’m so looking forward to meet you personally in these meetings!!!

In Don Bosco

Members of the World Confederation Presidency 

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