Finding God in the Concrete

Elizabeth McArdle

FindingGodInTheCreationSome years ago, I went to Italy to fulfil a dream. For many years I had longed to go to the opera in the open air to enjoy the beautiful music under a starlit sky. Alas, while the music was divine, the stars were elusive. Because of light pollution, the sky was pure orange and the stars were indiscernible way above our heads.

On a global scale, it is now estimated that over half the earth’s population live in cities. The world has become more urban and this trend continues to grow every year. The steady flow of people leaving the countryside means that we are moving farther and farther away from direct contact with all aspects of the natural world and sadly the stars are one of the casualties.

This new trend calls for drastic action from all of us. It means that we must use every opportunity, no matter where we live to seek out signs of God’s beautiful creation. These might consist of noticing a blade of grass in the concrete or a wild flower in the gutter. Since the real stars are out of sight in lit up areas, we may have to look downwards to see other stars on the ground.

Spring has ensured that life is flourishing and there are signs of new life everywhere, even in the most unlikely places. Search out the parks and gardens and if you are very blessed you might find a bunch of primroses, fragrant and beautiful smiling up at you. Their pale flowers with deep yellow centres are so exquisite that you will know that God has treated you to your own individual revelation of earthly stars.