The Salesian Youth Movement (SYM) is a related combination of groups and associations that have a relationship to Don Bosco, his pedagogy and his spirituality.

We aim to help young people progress in knowledge, understanding and sharing of the values and recommendations of Salesian Youth Spirituality. We try to foster the Christian and human maturing of young people in accordance with Don Bosco’s recommendations for a Christian life. We promote collegiality among groups, in order to assist them in the task of formation according to Salesian educational and pastoral principles.

There are various levels of involvement in the SYS. Some young people who attend Salesian work, have some relationship to the figure of Don Bosco and feel happy in a Salesian environment; others form a group for activities or to share particular interests and have some wish for formation. Then there are those young people who are following a course of Christian formation. Finally, there are young animators, marked by the values of Salesian Youth Spirituality, who commit themselves to helping others.

We try to encourage those with lesser involvement, through their interest in, and gradual commitment to, their own human and Christian formation, hopefully leading to the choice of a life according to the Gospel. We also encourage those who are very committed to in turn reach out to other youngsters to be their animators and companions.

The SYM is open to all young people, including youngsters who are not Christians. As a movement for education and evangelisation, its animators are normally committed young Christians. While part of a wider union, SYM is most active at a local level.