Don Bosco House was founded in Dublin by the Salesians to provide residential care and support for young people who are unable to live with their families.  Our aim is to help young people to achieve their full potential and move on to play their part in society.

We provide two residential Care Services for young people under the age of 18yrs, and currently we have five Aftercare Residential Centres providing accommodation and support for young adults 18yrs to 21yrs.  We are committed to working with vulnerable young people who are in need of care and support.

Would you like to volunteer to help us in our work?

Don Bosco Community Volunteer Programme

This is a new Graduate Recruitment Programme which offers opportunities to develop skills & expertise in the area of Social Care. It is being organized by Don Bosco House which provides a range of Residential and Aftercare services to teenage boys and an Outreach service to young men and women as they leave care. It is particularly suited to Social Care Graduates (although not exclusively), interested in gaining experience to enhance their prospects of fulltime paid employment or of being accepted on a Masters programme.

The programme runs from June to June. Closing Date for receipt of applications is normally on March 31st each year.

General Information

Don Bosco House is now operating a graduate recruitment programme, known as Don Bosco Community Volunteer Programme.

This programme offers opportunities to college graduates to develop their skills & expertise in the area of Social Care, Residential Aftercare and Outreach Aftercare. It is particularly suited to graduates of Social Science and Social Care courses who are interested in gaining experience prior to returning to complete their a Masters Programme..

While participants are on the programme they will have full access to Don Bosco’s training Programme. They will also be provided with an additional induction training course. They will be guaranteed monthly professional supervision, and will also be provided with the same employee support as regular full time employees.

All our staff are professionally qualified. The vast majority have done the degree in Social Care. Two have completed the Masters in Therapeutic Care. We also have staff who are qualified in psychotherapy, family therapy, youth and community work, and social work.

Participants on our Community Volunteer Programme will work alongside qualified staff. They will gain meaningful experience and will learn a new range of skills through on the job training. They will be exposed to best practice, and will have the opportunity for professional and personal development.

In Don Bosco we place a strong emphasis on learning from the work. Our use of Reflective Practice is a very useful tool for deepening this learning process. The approach to the work is underpinned by the Salesian Ethos, Principles of Therapeutic Care which promotes and enhances current best practice within Social Care and the Community Reinforcement Approach.

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Experience to be gained

In all of our projects Don Bosco Volunteers will gain experience in the following areas:

• Working as part of a team
• Assessment of need
• Risk assessment
• Developing placement plans
• Support/key-working with young people
• Reviewing plans and goals with young people
• Managing challenging behaviour
• Assisting young people in understanding the feelings behind the behaviour
• Referral to other services
• Liaising with other agencies

Should you require any further information please contact us at

Community Volunteer Programme,
Don Bosco House,
12 Clontarf Road, Dublin 3.
Tel. 01 833 6009     Fax: 01 853 1962