First Profession

Salesians in Solidarity with the people of Nepal

"We need food, blankets, medicines, tents, warm clothes... Many people have lost everything. The rain further complicates the search for survivors and relief efforts," say the Salesians, who open their houses, which fortunately have been only slightly damaged, to help the population.

Don Bosco Relic

Morialdo and Colle Don Bosco

In the Chapel in Morialde (1829 /1830) John Bosco lived with Don Calosso who was teaching small John Italian and Latin. On the 21st November 1830 Don John Calosso died. During the years 1843 -1853 Dominic Savio lived in Morialdo and served Mass as an altar server. In some of the pictures you can see the house where Dominic Savio lived. Last pictures are of the Basilica in Colle Don Bosco, where John Bosco was born and grew up.