Don Bosco Road

The New 'Don Bosco Road' in Pallaskenry

President Michael D. Higgins

As part of the 2015 bicentenary celebrations honouring the birth of Don Bosco, everyone in the Salesian College Pallaskenry was thrilled and very honoured to receive a visit from the President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins on Tuesday 24 February.

The Shannon Foynes Port Competition

TY group of Robert Corby, Jordan Shortt, Dean Cusack, Michael Uwatse and Barry O Donnell on there great performance in the Shannon Foynes Port Competition (10th February 2015).

Venerable Matt Talbot

The large beautiful Church hosts also the mortal remains of Venerable Matt Talbot, a Dubliner who died in 1925, and was renowned for his holiness, having overcome a crippling alcohol addiction, through prayer and penance. He has been a heroic inspiration to many people in Ireland and abroad battling addiction. His shrine attracts quite a number of pilgrims who come seeking spiritual strength to be able overcome their addiction. As a pastoral initiative, the parish is holding a number of special activities to mark the 90th Anniversary of Matt Talbot's death, and a Matt Talbot year was announced to celebrate his legacy.

Feast of our Lady of Lourdes

On the 11th of February, a special Mass was held to celebrate the feast of our Lady of Lourdes, patroness of the Parish.

Ministry of Reader 2015

On Thursday last, 12 February 2015, in the College Chapel of St Patrick’s College, Maynooth, an important ceremony took place for some of the seminarians. On that day, thirteen of them received the Ministry of Reader. Among them, there were two Salesian clerics from Vietnam, Paul and Dominic.

Goodbye Roland

The Salesian Community in Pallaskenry thanked Roland Marsiczki for his time spent in Ireland.

“The Feast of Consecrated Life”

The Community of Marie Reparatrice was host to a special event on Sunday, February 1st. Our Bishop. Brendan Leahy gathered with the Religious of the Diocese to celebrate the Feast of Consecrated Life, during this year dedicated to Consecrated Life.


Artemide Zatti was a simple man of humble origin. The Hospital was the place where he practised virtue day after day to a heroic degree. He went round the city and its suburbs on his bicycle. He saw each of his patients as a \"little Jesus\" to be cared for with dedication and love. He prayed while cycling and the few hours that remained were devoted to study and spiritual reading. Even when he went to bed he was still always available for any calls that might come. It has been said that his best medicine was himself: his joyful cheerful attitude, the jokes, and his affection for every one of his patients. He not only administered medicine, but helped his patients to see in their situation a sign of God\'s will, especially when death was near. He was not only a nurse, but an educator in the faith, in times of trial and sickness - a good Samaritan in the style of Don Bosco, a sign and bearer of God\'s love. Pope Francis is a great devotee of Artemide Zatti. His memory invites us to promote the vocation of the Salesian Brother, without which the Salesian Congregation would not be the one desired and founded by Don Bosco.

Knock Youth Gathering

There were around 4000 young people gathered in Shrine of Our Lady of Knock on last Friday 4th October. That was the Gathering of Transition Year’s Students in Ireland. And that was the first time Transition Year’s students of Salesian College in Celbridge took part. There were about 20 students accompanied by two teachers and four Salesians.

NUIM Bosco Society

After several weeks of ideas and opinions being shared, the residents and friends of St. Catherine’s in Maynooth gathered to discuss the possibility of establishing a society which had the potential to appeal to a broader spectrum of NUIM’s student body. The result was the NUIM BOSCO society.

ACRE Project: 2nd Annual Plant Sale

The Salesian ACRE Project involves putting in place a Garden facility for use by the young people of Celbridge and Straffan, and supporting Salesian College in facilitating young people with special educational and pastoral needs.