Musical setting of ‘Hail Mary’

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Listen to a musical arrangement of the ‘Hail Mary’ by David Burke from Georgia (USA) which is freely available for download along with the sheet music.

Kindly made available by David Burke

Note from the composer

My name is David Burke, and I’m writing you from Duluth, Georgia, USA, where I serve as the piano accompanist for Blessings Choir at Mary Our Queen Catholic Church in Norcross, Georgia.

The purpose of my letter is to share with you a free sacred song that I wrote using the words to Hail Mary.

This song, a lovely meditative ballad titled “Hail Mary Prayer,” is being played on numerous Catholic radio stations throughout the U.S., is being featured on the Archdiocese of Atlanta’s podcasts, and will be used by countless U.S. Catholic churches, particularly when Mary is being honored.

I am prayerfully requesting that you please forward this email to your parishes and their music ministry directors so that they can have an opportunity to hear this song and consider whether they would like to use it. As I mentioned, the song is free.

My only intention in sharing this song is to spread the grace that Jesus gave me to compose this music. I greatly appreciate your time, attention, and consideration. And I would love to know if any parishes within your Archdiocese choose to use it in any way.

Sincerely and prayerfully,

David Burke

Duluth, Georgia


Why I am a christian – Peter McVerry SJ

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Listen to an interview with Fr. Peter McVerry SJ, explaining why he believes in God and why particularly a Christian God.

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In an increasingly secular world there are often questions around believing in God or being a Christian. Peter McVerry SJ has devoted his life to working with the homeless and he is often asked where he gets his inspiration. He explained to Miriam Gormally why he believes in God and why particularly a Christian God.