News from Celbridge

ACRE Open Day: On May 20 an open day is being held by the ACRE committee. The purpose of the exercise is to make known the opportunities the project is making available to the local community.

Charity Road Race: On May 19 Damien Donegan is organising a road race to raise funds for charities. He is inviting past pupils of Salesian College to take part in this race which will be held on the road where the school road race is run every October.

Bro Florent Dembele: On April 12 Bro Florent Dembele returned to Rome. Florent had been with the Celbridge Community studying English. Florent is a native of Mali and had been waiting for a visa from the Turkish authorities to allow him work in that country with the Salesians. The visa had been granted on April 8 and Florent is now with his Salesian confreres in Turkey.

Whole School Evaluation: On May 8 a Whole School Evaluation (WSE) began in the school in Celbridge. This is conducted by the Department of Education. There has been a lot of preparatory work done by the Staff and the Board of Management. This kind of exercise gives a school an opportunity to reflect on its work and we hope the process will be of benefit to the school, and in particular be of benefit to the students.