Evening with Saint John Bosco for Young Adults at St Catherines Centre Maynooth – Sunday 24th February. Directions and Programme

Four years ago it was announced that the relics of St John Bosco (Don Bosco) founder of the Salesian Order, would be taken from their home in Turin, on a worldwide pilgrimage. As part of that pilgrimage they will arrive, in a few weeks’ time, at St Catherine’s Centre, next to the John Hume Building, on the North Campus. The Salesians at St Catherine’s in conjunction with Youth 2000 invite you to an evening of hospitality, reflection and prayer from 7pm on the 24th February. All are welcome.

Direction to St Catherine’s on arriving in Maynooth

People’s association with relics have a long tradition. A relic can be a simple heirloom or keepsake gifted to us by a loved one or a significant person in our lives. They are charged with memory, emotion and blessing. Relics can be quite valuable in monetary terms or simply refer to something very old or outdated. In the Christian tradition they are associated with holiness and blessing.

For Christians, relics are a reminder of the lives of real men and women who have embraced the journey of life, and have faced life’s challenge and opportunities leading them to find wholeness and holiness. Relics offer us an opportunity to tell their story and how they are living proof of the power of a life handed over to God, a life accepted by God. Such people never felt truly alone or abandoned.

Don Bosco was one such person who from childhood heard the calling of God, a call that led him to the streets of Turin to care for homeless youngsters. Don Bosco gives witness to the power of a life handed over to God. Veneration, being in the presence of a relic, allows stories to be told and heard and to ask for blessing on our lives through the intercession of St John Bosco. Please join us on Feb 24th as we join our stories and our faith in a living God.