Happy Easter!

As we celebrate Easter, we are celebrating a Lord whose loving and life-giving power is at work among us, is constantly bringing new life out of death, continually transforming our tombs into places of Hope.
Easter teaches us to hold our plans lightly so that we remain open to the surprising new work that the God of life is always doing in our midst.

Happy Easter to all of you! May God bless and be with you always!

Easter Sunday Year C Lectio divina on Jn 20,1-9

The gospel passage relates the story of the beginning of our Christian faith. It describes how some frightened disciples of Jesus became Christian believers on Easter day. John’s version of what happened at dawn on the day of resurrection differs somewhat from the accounts in the synoptics. John’s intentions are different and so are the people he focuses on. He gives more attention to Mary Magdalene and the disciple Jesus loved. Faith in the Risen Lord is not a privilege given to the one who runs faster, but to the one who loves more. The mystery is not known simply through our human faculties, but by being involved in it. It is not the first to see who is first to understand, but the one who is first to believe. And the first to believe is the one who knows he is loved. Love is at the origin of faith, not the love of the believer but that of the Risen Jesus in whom he believes. Belief is difficult only for one who does not feel loved. It is easy to conclude that one who is no longer seen is dead, but it goes contrary to the evidence to believe that the Lover is still alive. Today as in the past, the believer must know that he or she is loved in order to go on believing.  Read more