New SAVIO Volunteers Website

Mission and volunteer work has always been at the centre of the Salesian apostolate in Ireland. A new website, SAVIO Volunteers ( was launched on Wednesday 9th October 2013. With the help of this website we hope to develop volunteering for Salesians projects at home and abroad.

SAVIO (Salesian Volunteers Ireland and Overseas) hopes to provide opportunities for adults to work in Salesian centres in mission countries. SAVIO will recruit, vet and train volunteers to work with Salesians in other countries. Most of our volunteers are young and work with poor children in the developing world. As a sending agency SAVIO values greatly its relationship with host Salesian Communities.

SAVIO is very keen that its volunteers have a good Salesian experience, are generous to their hosts and learn from the Communities that have received them.

To find out more about the SAVIO Volunteers visit our website: