Typhoon Relief: Hearts, Hands and Heads put to work

Salesian Family communities and more importantly, relatives, young people attending schools, oratories and parishes are all affected by typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan,and those better off are helping those worse off. Help is not confined to the Philippines. A massive response from DBN (Don Bosco Network) coordinating eight major NGOs in Europe is underway.

Philippines - Typhoon ReliefThe relief response demands that hearts be moved, hands be put to the concrete tasks and heads to ensure that every level of this operation is effective and efficient.

The Southern Philippines Province (FIS) is the most directly affected and they are understandably fully engaged in relief work. Fr Randy Figuracion, to mention just one name, comes from the worst affected area, and is up there directing relief activity and aid, especially materials coming up from Cebu City Salesian efforts (e.g. DBTC, Lourdes Parish)

Don Bosco Network partners have shown how a competently coordinated effort can swing into effective action in an emergency. Here are some details of the operation as it currently stands:

Don Bosco Mondo (formerly known as Jugend Dritte Welt), from Germany, has a highly organized response already in place covering four of the worst affected provinces or areas: Cebu province, with medicines; East Samar, with relief packs and medicines; Aklan, with relief packs, medicines and housing; and Leyte, with relief packs, medicines, housing and temporary shelter (tents). A typical relief pack would contain a kilo of rice, canned goods, noodles, water (with alternative packs for situations without cooking facilities)

Jovenes y Desarrollo is a well organized Salesian NGO and is now able to offer very high level management expertise. They are prepared to send someone to Cebu to help at every level. Madrid Mission Office has focused on an organized media campaign of press releases, letter to donors, their website, national media outlets, FaceBook and Twitter – and they say they are receiving a massive response.

In Italy, VIS (International Voluntary Service for Development) is involved in collecting funds through the coordinated efforts of the AGIRE network and the Italian Red Cross as part of the Philippines Emergency appeal.

Via Don Bosco, from Belgium, and New Rochelle Mission Office, from USA, are running campaigns highlighting the needs. They are both well-placed to plug into wider efforts as well as draw on their usual donors. In Belgium, for example, there are indications that the population at large has been deeply touched by this tragedy, and VIA DB are able to piggyback on NGO efforts generally in that country.

First Published by InfoANS