GC27: Retreat

The General Councillors completed their reports this morning, 26 February. From this afternoon until Sunday 2 March, participants in the 27th General Chapter will make a Retreat as part of their spiritual preparation. The overall theme of the Retreat is “Witnesses to the radicalism of the Gospel with Jesus as our model. Biblical Reflections on the profile of the new Salesian.

Juan Jose BartolomeoThe Retreat will be given by Fr Juan José Bartolomé, President of the Salesian Biblical Association and Secretary of the Rector Major. There will be a total of eight meditations: an introduction this afternoon, a final talk on Sunday morning, and two talks per day on the intervening days.

The Retreat takes its inspiration and themes from the Rector Major’s letter of convocation of GC27 (in AGC 413). It will help the Chapter members to reflect on the features of the new Salesian – mystic, prophet and servant – and to see how these are the demands the Gospel makes of all who aspire to be radical witnesses of the Lord.

Specifically, the topics of the meditations will be:

  • Son of God by a decision of the Father (Mt 3:13-17)

  • Beloved Son, put to the test (Mt 4:1-11)

  • God and his Kingdom as the sole motive (Mt 4:12 to 17)

  • Building fraternity by listening to Jesus (Mk 3:21-29.31-35)

  • Rebuilding fraternity – correction and forgiveness (Mt 18:15-20.21-35)

  • Witnesses and administrators of the mercy of Jesus (Mk 6:30-44)

  • Taking care of the little ones to enjoy the care of God the Father (Mt 18:1-5.6-9.10.12-14)

  • Mary, Help of Christians and Mother (Jn 2:1-12)

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