GC27: “See for yourself”- The Chapter seen by young people

11 March, the first group of young people who have been invited to take part in the project Con i tuoi occhi(See for yourself) will arrive at the Generalate. This is an initiative that will involve many young people from Italy taking turns as special envoys to the Chapter.

07-03-2014-YoungPeopleThis project was planned in order to offer young people and Salesians a chance to share their views on the Chapter. The participants are about thirty young people between the ages of seventeen and twenty-five, members of Salesian Youth Cinema Circles, as well as young people from various Oratories and students of the Faculty of Social Communications at the Salesian Pontifical University. A small group of them will come each weekend for the duration of the Chapter and will try to tell in their own way what their expectations are and how they experience the Chapter.

In practice the project involves the production of digital media (interviews, videos, short clips … ) by the young people. They will make use of traditional audiovisual equipment, as well as smart phones and hybrid devices that the younger generation use to record and share their experiences. The videos will be uploaded from time to time on Facebook at Salesiani Don Bosco Italia.

Before participating in the project, the groups have been working in their own environment and have done a training programme to prepare them for the experience of the Chapter. Similarly, at the end of their work on the ground, the young people in their respective groups will review their experience and re-edit their productions.

First Published by InfoANS