GC27: Work of the Commissions

The 25th General Chapter asked the then Rector Major to devote some time during the General Chapter to a study of the state of the  Congregation.  This was done at GC26, and now GC27 will devote two days, today and tomorrow, to the task.

05-03-2014-CG27-Commisions4The Chapter Regulations state: “The study of this report aims to discern the main challenges facing the Congregation and to identify the processes and key interventions that are needed in the six-year period 2014-2020.”

The study takes place first in the commissions which will present a text: a drafting group proposed by the President will then prepare a single document.
There will also be opportunities for discussion in the assembly: there will be a debate following the presentation of the work of the commissions and questions may be addressed to the Rector Major and the Councillors.

In the commissions, the study will refer to two major areas: examining the life of the congregation and the path to be followed for the next six years.

It is a question therefore of proceeding with an examination of the situation of the Congregation, and the main challenges it will have to face in the next six years (expectations , needs, difficulties, problems) and then identifying the fundamental lines of action and giving possible indications of goals to be reached and the steps to be taken.

This is in line with the Regulation which states: “The conclusions of the study of the report will be taken into consideration by the chapter in developing the topic and in the decisions about the life of the congregation entrusted to the Juridical Commission. The elements not adopted by the Chapter will be given to the Rector Major and the General Council as suggestions for the Project of Animation and Government for the six years 2014-2020.”


As can be seen, it is a process that involves sharing, co-responsibility and community discernment which mark all the work of the chapter. Already on 25 and 26 February, the Chapter Assembly heard the presentations of the different Sectors and Regions, after which  the Rector Major spoke in his report entitled “Global vision and a prophetic look.”

Before the end of the chapter each Region will have time to study its own situation and offer the Rector Major and the General Councillors the lines of action to be kept in mind for the animation and government for the next six years.

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