GC27: Work of the Juridical Commission

While the first four commissions are studying the Working Document, the Judicial Commission has its own specific task which is to examine all the relevant proposals, starting with the task the 26th General Chapter entrusted to the Rector Major and his Council.

12-03-2014-GC27-JuridicalCommissionThe Juridical Commission has begun this study. Fr Pier Fausto Frisoli, Councillor for the Italy-Middle East region, presents to the entire Assembly the study done by the General Council on “the animation structures and central government of the congregation as requested by GC26.”

This issue was addressed several times in the General Council, taking into consideration  the contributions received from the provinces. Eight-three responses were received from a total of eighty-nine province.

The items examined were:

  1. Term of office
  2. Entrusting Animation of the Salesian Family to the Vicar of the Rector Major
  3. Composition of the General Council
  4. Duties of Council members
  5. Procedures for the election of members of the General Council
  6. Provincial Conferences
  7. The Extraordinary Visitation
  8. Team Visit
  9. Acts of the General Council
  10. Sdb.org website and ANS
  11. Animation project for the six-year period
  12. Other Proposals

At the end of the spring 2014 session the General Council addressed each point giving the reasons where appropriate for its proposal, and voted definitively.

At the end of this process, the assessment of the General Council and  the results of the consultation of the Provinces, certainly constitute a sufficiently extensive and thorough reflection on which the General Chapter will be able to base its conclusions.

Later in the meeting, Fr José Miguel Núñez, Councillor for the Western Europe region, presented the findings of the General Council on “the process of discernment on the configuration of the three regions of Europe.”

It should be remembered that the 26th General Chapter asked the Rector Major and the Council to “determine the nature and objectives of the intervention of the Congregation for the renewal of the Salesian presence in Europe.”

After GC26, the Rector Major proposed Project Europe that included three broad areas of action: the revitalization of the charism in Europe; the restructuring of the territory; and Europe as a mission land. Gradually, as Project Europe is being implemented, there is a growing awareness of the need for a restructuring of the territories of the existing regions to enable closer collaboration, better coordination of the provinces and greater reference to the centre of the congregation.

All the Provincial Chapters of Europe participated in the consultation. The General Council considered the matter in depth and took into account the views of the Provinces. After the study and as a result of the discernment undertaken, a proposal was approved for examination by the General Chapter.

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