Training day at Don Bosco Care in Dublin

DonBoscoCareRecently, Frank Delano from Professional Package Training, while based in the United States, graciously donated his time to Don Bosco Care by presenting a training workshop on supervision with the goal of creating a space to reflect on professional practice. With a diverse group of Don Bosco staff members from every department and of every age level, in addition to representatives from Tusla, Delano created an open dialogue between all training participants without losing sight of his main points and definitions. By beginning the conversation with words of wisdom from every person in the room, Delano personalised the training and used people’s experiences to spark discussion.

The general theme of supervision then quickly led to conversations on how to deal with confrontation, both with young people in care and at a management level; ways in which to be an effective leader; how to communicate open and honestly; and the importance of maintaining a positive attitude despite challenges at work and resource constraints.

The relaxed atmosphere and frequent opportunities for small group discussions, not to mention Delano’s knack for quickly learning people’s names, allowed the participants to truly communicate with one another and learn from those around them.

Thank you to Frank Delano for a great morning, which allowed us to reflect on what we do well, as well as ways in which we can improve both personally and as an organisation, but most importantly thank you for reminding us that the best resource we have is each other.