John Bosco felt strongly called to work for the abandoned young people of the city of Turin. But what was he to do?  He adopted a novel approach. He mixed with the roughest of young people. He played cards with them in pubs and invited them to be his friends. He visited the prisons and street corners and brought them to his ‘Oratory’ where they played games and had fun. He organised people to teach them trades, and to read and write. He prayed and celebrated with them. He built shelters so the poorest of the poor would have a home. Without a home, without love and faith, and without education they would remain in their poverty and depravation.

He motiviated others to help him. Some came to work full time, some gave a few hours when they could, and some gave a year or two or three to help with the task.

You too can help?

Young poor haven’t gone away and the Salesian family still work throughout the world with those on the margins.  Today, many lay people from all walks of life are attracted by the Salesian spirit, and work with great generosity for young people in differing situations. Many young people volunteer to give one or two years working in Salesian projects throughout the world. Some give a few hours and days locally. Others give their whole lives as, priests, brothers or sisters.Together all these people make up the Salesian Family who continue the work of John Bosco.

This work goes on and on. We still need people with love in their hearts, justice in their being and a willingness to give of their time and talents to young people, particularly the poorest of the poor. Could you get involved?