Don Bosco Care

You may not have heard of us and we take a degree of pride from that, but our bricks, mortar and workers are sprinkled around the city and we are doing good work for deprived teenagers.

Since Don Bosco Care was founded in 1978, we have been helping young people in Dublin with little fanfare. The very nature of our work with teenagers makes promotion and publicity difficult.

We work with children from disadvantaged backgrounds to give them a chance in life. These children had the misfortune of being born into a situation where those entrusted to be their primary sources of care and affection lacked the capability to provide them. We try give these kids the emotional and practical support that has been absent from their lives. We provide education and the stability of Teenage Care homes. If we can break the cycle of poverty and help the child on the path to realising their potential, the knock-on effects for future generations and wider society are obvious. We know we won’t be changing the world anytime in the near future, but what we can do is make sure there is a future for the children who need our care.

We are a registered charity with the Department of Revenue. Our operations are subject to frequent checks from the Health Services Executive (HSE), checks which we perpetually live up to and surpass.

The work is spearheaded by the tireless Father Val Collier who operates on behalf of our board, made up of some or the city’s most prominent business people and philanthropists. Grand Slam winning captain, Brian O’Driscoll is the patron of our charity and like the man himself, we would like to think we go about our business with an understated determination.

We need your help!

To enable us to continue our current level of services for vulnerable young people we need your support. We welcome any monetary donations which can be paid via our website  We take this opportunity to thank you in advance.

You can contact us at:
Don Bosco Care,
12 Clontarf Road,
Dublin 3

Main Phone: 01 833 6009

Fundraising Phone: 01 833 7045