Communicating through the internet and publishing is a priority for Salesians.  The SDB Media Organisation, based in Pallaskenry continues the tradition of Don Bosco in using the communication mediums of the day to bring our message to the relevance of every day in the lives and homes of the Salesian and the wider community.

SDB MEDIA provides information and publications about the work of the Salesians of Don Bosco here in Ireland and around the world.  Currently we publish the Salesian Bulletin and the Annual Salesian Calendar.

From his earliest years as a priest, Don Bosco communicated through his whole demeanour and person, through games, talking, visiting, preaching, publishing.

He wrote and edited booklets, school texts, histories, digests, magazines, fliers, plays. He was only 29 when his first biography of Comollo rolled off the presses. He researched and wrote throughout his life, established his own printing press to spread word of his work and to train apprentices in the trade. His circular letters and the Salesian Bulletin (founded in 1877) were used to spread news of his works and mission, to elicit support (of helpers as well as money), to develop a sense of belonging to his ever-widening Salesian Family.

With the Companion of Youth, the Catholic Readings series and other writings he wanted to inform young people about their faith, he wanted to present them with attractive examples of young people like themselves that they could imitate, people who lived as good Christians and honest citizens, youngsters like Dominic Savio, Michael Magone, Francis Besucco.

Don Bosco was dynamic, explosive, creative, joyful, enthusiastic, enterprising in his work: he wanted many to join him in the work he believed he had received from Christ and Mary for the good of young people, especially those poorer and more in need. His heart was full of this mission, and he wanted it to reach as many young people as possible, even to the ends of the earth.

Inspired by this example of Don Bosco and the early Salesians, Social Communication continues an important priority.

Provincial Delegate for Social Communication
Fr Lukasz Nawrat SDB
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