At our two spirituality centres, St. Catherine’s, North Campus of Maynooth College and Don Bosco Centre next to the University of Limerick, we offer young adults a welcome, hospitality and the possibility of groups and personal accompaniment in their own discernment processes.

There is an invitation to young people to be part of a community that is working to understand and develop attitudes and values, that promote the sacredness of human life, confidence in one’s neighbour, an interior life, a sense of solidarity and service, and the courage to dream and have high hopes.

Salesian tradition trusts in the goodness and worth of each person as divine gift. It seeks to build relationships. It believes in the availability of the love of God for all, especially the young. It trusts that each person has been created uniquely in the image of a God who loves us. It accompanies the young as they open their hearts to God’s call.

We believe that all pastoral work, and in particular youth ministry, is at its root vocational. It is about creating the appropriate conditions for every young person to discover, accept and responsibly follow his or her unique life vocation or calling.

St Catherines Centre, North Campus, National University, Maynooth, Co. Kildare

The purpose of the centre is to allow ourselves to be surprised by God through the young people he sends into our lives. Through our trust, support and friendship of one another, we aim to create a sense of belonging and mutual respect.

We do this through:

 CREATING A WELCOMING ENVIRONMENT where young people can experience a sense of belonging in a family atmosphere. Common room activities, barbecues, pizza nights, film nights etc.
 CREATE A CULTURE OF LISTENING where young people can have a space and time for silence, reflection, and prayer
 FACILITATE THIS LISTENING THROUGH mentors and guides who can accompany young people in listening to their life questions and questions of faith, helping them deepen their faith perspective.
 PROMOTE A FAITH ENVIRONMENT in which we invite young people to explore their search for faith through various programmes, speakers, trips, seminars, healing services, reconciliation, Eucharistic adoration etc.
 PROMOTE FAITH IN ACTION through service to those in need, eg. the grind classes in Celbridge, fostering awareness of those in developing countries (eg. Ethiopia), other outreaches.

Don Bosco Centre, Limerick.

Don Bosco Centre was build in response to the Salesians Congregation’s call for a great emphasis on the evangelization of young people. The term ‘new evangelization’ was introduced both by Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul 11. This concept has now become main stream and will be the theme for the next Synod of Bishops, Rome, in the Autumn of 2012. Pope Benedict in calling this Synod is highlighting the massive drop off in Church attendance, in Europe, especially in the age range 16 – 35.

Don Bosco centre hopes to respond in some way to this crises by offering a range of activities in the areas of pre-evangelization and evangelization. There is also, at the present time, a call to get involved in adult and family catechesis which will directly and indirectly influence and enhance the catechesis of young people. Perhaps this vital connection is becoming evermore essential in our own times.