Before the memories of the 2018 deluge in Kerala and Karnataka, India, could fade – another flood hit the region within just one year, causing mass fear and confusion across the two states. 

However, the massive destruction caused by the incessant rain, flood and landslides was defied when the people of the two states, along with gracious hearts throughout India and abroad, joined hands.  Generous people showed support through service, donations of cash, and materials to help victims rebuild their lives torn apart by the disaster.

The Salesians of Don Bosco centralised their relief activities through BREADS, the Planning and Development Office (PDO) of Bangalore Province.  BREADS coordinated all relief activities across the states, through various Don Bosco institutions in different districts of Kerala and parts of Karnataka. Relief activities were coordinated in three stages:

  • organising of relief camps at Don Bosco institutions, and supply of immediate necessities;
  • cleaning and electrification of houses, and purification of contaminated wells;
  • distribution of household articles and livelihood support.

Don Bosco Ireland Youth Aid (DBIYA) supported this emergency response of the Salesians in Kerala with a €15,000 emergency grant from Misean Cara.