Over the course of a few weeks, Covid-19 has become a pandemic involving the whole world. As the contagion has spread daily into new countries and regions of our world, the Salesian Family has too become directly impacted by this virus and its consequences. We stand alongside our Salesian brothers and sisters across the world as they work to prevent the spread of the virus and support those with it. In particular we think of those provinces and families that have lost loved ones because of this pandemic. In response to the current situation, the  Rector Major, Superior of the Salesians, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, addressed Salesians, the Salesian Family and Salesian Friends with the encouraging message.

Recalling the prayer of Pope Francis on 27 March he says: “The Pope left us this message, the only one possible: We need an outlook of faith and hope, drawing on the call of the Gospel, Do not be afraid.

The successor of Don Bosco expressed gratitude to the entire Salesian Family for how it is responding to the emergency caused by Covid-19.

As Salesians in Ireland we have been strictly observing all preventive measures announced by our Health Services and government. The moment we are living must strengthen us in faith and intensify our prayers. It invites us to find and celebrate new ways of caring for our  neighbour and serving those in need. This is the invitation to all the members of the Salesian Family: educators, animators, young people and families.

Let us remember, in this very difficult time, about all those who serve, especially those working at the frontline of war with pandemics – doctors, nurses, carers and volunteers.

Let us pray that the message of Easter, of resurrected Jesus bringing hope to his disciples, will also bring the strengthening of our faith and all the Salesian Family.


Almighty and eternal God,
from whom the whole universe receives energy, existence and life,
we come to you to invoke your mercy,
because today we are still living the fragility of the human condition
in the experience of a new viral epidemic.

We believe that it is you who guides the course of human history
and that your love can change our destiny for the better,
whatever our human condition may be.
This is why we entrust the sick and their families to you:
for the Paschal mystery of your Son gives salvation
and relief to their body and their spirit.
Help each member of society do their job
by strengthening the spirit of mutual solidarity.
Support doctors and health workers, educators and social workers
In the performance of their duties.

You who are comfort in fatigue and support in weakness,
through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary
and of all the holy doctors and healers,
keep all evil away from us.
Free us from the epidemic that is affecting us
so that we can calmly resume our usual occupations
and praise you and thank you with a heart renewed.
We trust you and address our plea to you, for Christ our Lord. Amen.