St Joseph‘s Farm: Centre for training, Research and Production. As part of Salesians of Don Bosco Ireland missionary outreach, we present the Salesian St Joseph’s farm initiative in Sagamu (Ogun State, south-western Nigeria) and invite your prayers and support.

Four Salesians make up the community in Sagamu. Started in 2014, the community oversees parish ministry, missionary out-stations, youth pastoral ministry, chaplaincy and Agro Projects in the diocese of Ijebu Ode in which it is located.

With a population of near 256,000 with a mix of Christians, Muslims and traditionalists, Sagamu is known for its agricultural products such as cocoa and kola nuts. The region’s rich vegetation and large masses of unoccupied or unused land continue to attract a lot of people
to develop an interest in agriculture. Yet, the region is bedevilled with high rates of unemployment, underemployment and a low rate of formal education.

St Joseph’s Farm initiative is situated on 25 hectares acquired by the Salesians. It is planned as a centre of excellence for crop production, animal farming, research and training especially for youth and smallholder farmers. The project is aimed at:

  • Providing a good opportunity for food security with the intention of generating income for the employed young people and other poor persons, especially widows and girls;
  • Improving the method of crop production in a sustainable manner, market and innovative technology access;
  • Access to climate resilient techniques and practices in order to increase smallholder farmers’ productivity and revenue in a sustainable way;
  • Providing a platform for practical experience for farmers and farmers-to-be within the locality;
  • Increasing employment opportunities for smallholder farmers in general, however it will target specifically poor youth and women in the locality;
  • Aiding in curbing the menace of irregular migration and providing income for many vulnerable people.

St Joseph’s Farm, in the next three years, will concentrate enormous skills and energy in the promotion of crop production for the poor residents, community and the environs. Selected crops for the farm will include lettuce, cabbage, ugu, cucumber, maize, soybean, cassava, yam and any other essential crop according to season and demand. The farm will also have a greenhouse.

Each training session is expected to have 100 participants involved in the farming activities with prior attention given to poor women and girls. Indirect beneficiaries are expected to be over 5,000 involved in the value chain of the project.

Target Groups:

  • Poor and vulnerable young people across the country;
  • Women and girls;
  • Students from Don Bosco technical and vocational schools;
  • Graduates from Agriculture institutions;
  • Potential migrants and returnees;
  • Researchers in the field of agriculture;
  • Small scale farmers;
  • Families already in agriculture.

Thank you very much for all your support given to Salesian “St Joseph’s Farm” in Sagamu in Nigeria. This campaign is now closed and the total amount raised was: €3,415 .
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We are very grateful for your support, both financial and spiritual.