On World Mission Sunday the Pope makes an annual appeal for spiritual and financial support for Missionaries and for the Church in the very poor regions of the world. All parishes worldwide are invited to hold collections to support this cause. This appeal is a moment of universal solidarity when every member of the Church family can play their part in supporting each other.

The Mission Sunday collection offers a life line for the most marginalised communities and missionaries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Many of these dioceses are located in remote areas devastated by war, natural disasters and intense poverty. Knowing that the worldwide Church Community is thinking of them through prayer and financial support brings solidarity, hope, encouragement and assistance to these people.

World Mission Sunday helps communities build schools, clinics, parish halls and churches. It also supports the training of priests, sisters, catechists enabling the Word of God be made known. Hope is given to people who have few resources.

The theme this year for Mission Sunday in Ireland is Together we can do more –blessed are the peacemakers. It recognises that the Church is a global community where we must all work together to achieve progress. Missionaries are disciples of Jesus Christ. They are peacemakers. We are all peacemakers. Mission Sunday is an invitation to us all to be peace builders and carriers of hope.

Covid 19 has brought great poverty and challenges to the world. The poor are already suffering most from the pandemic. Nobody knows how many poor people have died, have been infected by the virus, are without income to support their families and are facing a very bleak future. They desperately need our help. Please support the Mission Sunday collection as generously as you can.

The Salesian Mission Day

The Salesian Mission Day is on Wednesday 11 November. We are fundraising this year for the poor and the young who attend Salesian centres in Sierra Leone. The poverty in this country is immense. Covid 19 has made the situation worse. The challenges for the young are enormous. Please support our Salesian Missionaries in Sierra Leone in any way you can (Donation form below).

Fr Dan Carroll
Director, Salesian Missions Ireland

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